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Can we create our own essence/values like what Nietzsche proposed as a solution to nihilism - ubermensch?

The figure of the Ubermensh in Nietzsche's writing is not a new species in the biological sense, but a model of behavior for current people. The word "species" might appear somewhere in the ...
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Why was Nietzsche misunderstood?

Was he misunderstood in the first place? Disclaimer: My knowledge about Nietzsche is quite limited and I've only read fragments of his work or secondary thoughts about him. So take it with a grain of ...
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Why was Nietzsche misunderstood?

Nietzsche was to Nazism what Darwin was to eugenics, Marx to Stalinsim and so on - justification via selective reading. Nietzsche's sister played an important role in his association with Nazism, but ...
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Is it a dumbing down of amor fati to use it to accept other people's behaviour and have less expectations of them?

The way I understand this concept, amor fati does not mean we should accept the world as it is. Rather, we should accept the cards that we were dealt, and start looking for ways to play them right -- ...
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