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After typing some phrases up in Google Translate, and subsequently in the KSA, I believe it is in the "Private Publication" of Socrates and the Greek Tragedy, secondarily, perhaps, The Birth of Tragedy.


I've done a recent dive into Nietzsche; both his early and late writings use this phrase rather frequently: "par excellence". Nietzsche also admired French culture, where, in contrast, he looked down upon Germany's attempt to mimic the French in creating a culture of their own (I believe this passage I'm alluding to was either from Ecce Homo or ...


Peace. One thing about the African/Eastern Paradigm is that it isn't necessarily a philosophy or an intellectual pursuit but a lifestyle, state of being, or oneness. There's no separation or individualization between the various parts of Creation (Universe/Space, Various Plants, and Fauna, Animals, Insects, Various Bodies of Water, Human Beings, etc) but ...


I get that there is great enthusiasm to use the term, but I think there is a risk of it coming to mean all things to all people, or being a kind of inverse projection of what we consider to be the failings of 'Western culture'. This is particularly because there isn't a book or body of literature defining it which has then been elaborated, which scholars can ...

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