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Has anyone ever really constructed a countable model of set theory that falls in the trap of the Skolem's Paradox?

Countable models of ZFC are extremely far away from being computable. To see this, consider any Turing degree whose existence is provable in ZFC, by which I mean that we have a ZFC definition of a ...
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Are there any other "omni-" paradoxes known similar to omnipotence?

Every paradox exploits the property of human language, which is the ability to build grammatically correct sentences that are nonsense. This nonsense is usually non obvious, otherwise there would be ...
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Are paradoxes counterarguments?

The Grandfather paradox comes up in science fiction. There are four solutions that I found in science fiction: The time loop. You go back in the past, make changes, and somehow the changes affect the ...
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What qualifies as the solving of a paradox?

Has the so called twin paradox in special relativity been resolved or if it is resolved, is it the actual paradox in its correct format or it is a different setting that is resolved but call it that. ...
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