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Afaik the theories of physics have no need to decide ERH. It is a metaphysical hypothesis of no concern in physics. I'm unable to think of a scientific theory that depends on ERH being true or false. This may be why no examples are given in the paper. ERH is not testable in physics so a theory dependent on it would not normally be considered scientific. ...


This is a problem of interpretation of quantum mechanics, more precisely the measurement problem in quantum mechanics. Far from settled. Quantum mechanics is a nice, linear theory (in terms of PDE's, for example Schrodinger's equation), but when a measurement is performed hell breaks loose (the collapse of the wave function in the standard Copenhagen ...


And speaking of quantum mechanics, it's fairly widely known (without going into detail) that many quantum-mechanical measurements depend on the observation itself being carried out. The so-called double-slit experiment, for example, or Einstein's "spooky action at a distance" referring to the quantum-state entanglement of distant particles, both of which "...

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