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Since Theorems in Mathematics are those formulas that are proved and every proved formula is true (Completeness of 1st order logic), the falsifiability can not be applied to Theorems in Mathematics.


The general approach to Quantum Mechanics is that one first takes a classical system and then quantise to obtain a quantum mechanical system. Quantisation is not an algorithm. It consists of applying principles of quantum theory to coming up with a theory whose equations bear some faint resemblance to the equations of a classical theory and that gives ...


You're correct, a Boltzmann brain would be unlikely to perceive the true laws of physics (presumably their experiences would be as disordered as possible in a way that's consistent with being conscious, based on the assumption that there'd be vastly more possible arrangements of particles corresponding to a brain-like system experiencing a highly disordered ...


What you're talking about is metaphysics. Has there been pre-quantum philosophy of physics which was able to deal with the implications of QM? Yes. It is not 'philosophy of physics' but simply philosophy. It may be called the Perennial philosophy or non-dualism. It endorses a neutral metaphysical theory. This easily deals with QM as is explained by ...

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