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Babies develop fear of falling, not from experience, but, as a sort of side-effect of acquiring proprioception. As soon as they understand where their body is in space, around 7-9 months, they become wary of height, unrelated to any personal experience of injury.


It is a bit of stretch to say that Plato's Republic-(and Plato in general), established (or even popularized), the concept or policy of a mass educational system-(similar to what exists in much of the world today). Plato's Academy, was very much, a clubby, members only type of institution with its famed inscription-("Only Mathematicians can enter".....


Plato proposed a mass education system in the Republic and not one solely for the sons of the aristocracy. To understand the success of this idea one only need note just how many countries have such a system. In fact, out of the 195 countries in the world, there are only five that do not have a compulsory mass education system: Bhutan, Oman, Papua New Guinea,...

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