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Is the principle of indifference invalid?

The short answer is that sometimes it is OK to use the principle of indifference, but it is not generally applicable. Under some circumstances, it can be considered to be a special case of an ...
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Is philosophy the pursuit of wisdom?

It all depends on whether you beleive that there is something more profound in the way reality appears to us. If you do so, then philosophical discourse is just about finding this meaning; trying to ...
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Do any particularists allow for some generality?

For whatever reason, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has two overlapping articles about moral particularism, one by its title focused on the thesis and the other contrasting the thesis with ...
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Is the principle of indifference invalid?

There will almost always be some way to distinguish the possibilities. At the very least, we have Occam's razor to fall back on. In probability terms, if there are two mutually exclusive possibilities,...
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