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Are there cases where psychology has offered successful scientific explanations for phenomena that neuroscience hasn't?

Apparently psychology and neuroscience operate on two different levels. Broadly speaking, models from neuroscience take into account the neurobiology of the brain and its mental processes. While ...
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Is there any evidence that culture has gotten more “sensitive” or “politically correct”?

I think fundamentally humans are constantly searching for optimised quality of life improvements. Where once quality of life improvements came in the form of immediate needs being met, we're now at a ...
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Life: Pessimism vs optimism

The optimist thinks we live in the best of all possible worlds and the pessimist agrees. I don't know the origin of the quote. Something similar is attributed online to James Branch Cabell or J. ...
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Life: Pessimism vs optimism

I guess I didn't misunderstand your question. It is clear that in pessimism there is no more important than extroversion. The philosophy of worldly life offers us a balance between pessimism and ...
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Life: Pessimism vs optimism

Schopenhauer is where you should start. He's of course the canonical pessimist philosopher in the western tradition: Unless suffering is the direct and immediate object of life, our existence must ...
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