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Afaik the theories of physics have no need to decide ERH. It is a metaphysical hypothesis of no concern in physics. I'm unable to think of a scientific theory that depends on ERH being true or false. This may be why no examples are given in the paper. ERH is not testable in physics so a theory dependent on it would not normally be considered scientific. ...


This is a very old and influential concept in the world of philosophy. In the west, Plato conceived of ultimate Reality as something that our ordinary reality only imitated imperfectly. In the east, Lao Tzu said the Dao that could be understood was not the true Dao. Ecclesiastes, in the Bible, describes the fullest capacity of human wisdom as "worthless ...


You would have to know what Reality is, independently of our historical concepts of it, to know whether those concepts acquaint us in any way with its nature. But we only have the concepts, verifying which against Reality appears impossible : it would need access to an unconceptualised Reality to ascertain any difference or agreement between our concepts and ...

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