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Whenever I think about this issue, I am reminded of the Greek myth of Cassandra, who was given the gift of foretelling the future, and then cursed so that no one would ever believe her. Doing philosophy often feels like that... It's worth keeping in mind that philosophically-minded people often have artistic temperaments. They have keen insights: they see ...


This is a very good question. Epistemic nihilism is a rational construct, and as such it can only come second in our determination as to what we should do next. Rationality is a tool we have available to us to achieve what we want, it does not decide what we want. Rationality is at the surface of our brain's activity. Most of what we understand about the ...


Godel had an anxiety disorder, and very probably was on the autistic spectrum. He thought everyone except his wife was trying to poison him. After his wife died, he pretty much stopped eating. He is of course considered a mathematician, but there can be no doubt his Incompleteness Theorems are among the most important philosophical insights of the last ...


It is a self refuting claim. If you use that type of argumentation to state that nobody can know for sure. How can you know for sure the validity of the claim itself "that nobody can know for sure"?

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