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Semi-retired CPA with a passion for philosophy and in particular Plato and Aristotle but if I had to pick one I would pick Aristotle to save from the burning house if only one could be saved. But my opinion here is a work in progress as I have only read the Republic 4 times and some of Aristotle's works in like many times and I look forward to many times more. I have not found yet where a subsequent reading was too much.

I also run the DC Philosophy Cafe in Washington DC where we meet in the Kogod Courtyard of the National Portrait Gallery and we discuss contemporary topics with a philosophic view. As a student of dialectic I do my best to keep the group between the lines so to speak which at times can be a bit like herding squirrels into a bucket.

This looks like a proper philosophic forum and look forward to engaging with others.

You will find me agreeable in general by demeanor but generally disagreeable in terms of propositions offered and believe if a thing true it should easily withstand pointed skepticism and no I am not a troll except to the extent I troll for understanding with a very low tolerance for BS.

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