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38 votes

Does hypocrisy invalidate an argument?

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Is free will reconcilable with a purely physical world?

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If logic is based on human reasoning, how can most people be so incoherent?

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How to prove you are an atheist?

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In what sense is atheism scientific?

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How can my religious views be classified?

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Would it be good, if everyone was good?

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The real question of the Holocaust is not ‘where was God?’, but ‘where was man?’

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How would you describe the relationship of science and philosophy of science?

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Is "I have a false belief" a self-contradictory claim?

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Ethical approach to the knowledge of suicide

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Is it ethical to wipe someone's mind of a bad memory?

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Must a self-legislating citizenry guarantee itself freedom of speech?

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Why can the human mind perceive things that are not reality, despite being born from it?

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Are we actually in control of what we want?