Kyle Joseph Green

I am a student at Northern Kentucky University attempting to fast track my way into their MS Computer Science program so that I may pursue a career as a computer programmer. The languages that I am familiar with are Java, Python and SQL.

I also possess a strong background in Philosophy (I got my BA in this field, along with Psychology--which I hated, by the way, as the department was headed by of a bunch of pretentious elitists producing an unbecoming amount of sound and fury regarding the presumed fact that Psychology is in fact a science, when I myself had absolutely no interest in studying it as one, as I was a proponent of psychoanalysis, finding behaviorism to be both manipulative and fascist--, graduating Western Kentucky University with the status of Magna Cum Laude honors. I still maintain a great affinity for Philosophy and I'm honestly still considering returning to the subject once I get my MS in Computer Science to get my PhD in Philosophy so that I have the career options of either being a computer programmer or a philosophy professor. I have also found that the knowledge of formal logic provided by philosophy has been very useful in my programming pursuits.

I am also a musician who, among other things, has been playing guitar for ten years now. I've been in numerous bands/projects. I also like to involve myself in the theater and the arts. I began my studies as a Fine Arts major at WKU, with a focus in drawing and painting, before I changed my major to Philosophy and Psychology.

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