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Some of my maths category theory like questions (due to blind generalisation, extreme abuse of analogies of concepts and abstraction) can end up becoming philosophical because the abstraction end up in the meta level. Otherwise I am also interested in questions like

  1. The limit of human imagination and creativity. The nature of concepts which we might never be able to understand due to our biological wiring

  2. How to rebutt a good argument

  3. The nature of time

  4. Nothingness and

  5. Non analytical, non structural, non mathematical thinking and worldviews

  6. Bias, how to make them more visible and how to manage them

  7. The nature of unreal beliefs and its relationship with truth. The nature of qualia

  8. other philosophical questions, which can feed back into the physics problems I am solving

Science Education

The importance of the role in education in advancing science is well recognised. In the context of philosophy, I am interested in, if possible, obtaining and building "lossless representations" of a given philosophical concept.

A lossless representation is a non word based information communication method (such as pictures, graphs etc.) that contains sufficient information to allow many subtleties and exceptional cases of a field of study (which is usually overlooked by analogies and only apparent in the more rigorous) to be covered, the the point that theoretically the field of study (or aspects of it) can be derived by manipulation of this representation.

As a result,

  1. Visualisation and

  2. Ability to explain the concept losslessly to a layman such that they can easily understand it, arosing their interest and be able to experiment on it by start performing qualitative and semiquantitative computations using it

are important considerations

Current personal research interest in this field include:

  1. "Analytical Metaphysics" (By extreme abuse of analogies, metaphysical concepts are like atoms and when they mix and match together is like a chemical reaction, giving new ideas as products. An experiment in analytic metaphysics basically include sharing, integrating, checking and discussing the idea with the community and obtain feedbacks as they explore the concepts under different worldviews and bias)

  2. Pictorial and flow chart approach to setting, analysing and rebutting arguments

The quotes "" means as far I am aware, it is not a standard (or possibly valid) approach in analytic philosophy. However related field of studies exists within the domain of philosophy

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