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95 votes

Why do some people care so much about "empirical truth"?

33 votes

How can one rebut the argument that atheism is inherently immoral?

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Interpretation of the butterfly effect

5 votes

Does epistemology = logic?

4 votes

Is university research a guarantee for accuracy of theory?

3 votes

Is calling someone "stupid" always Ad Hominem fallacy?

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Is "Why is the sky blue?" a philosophical question or scientific?

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Where is the fallacy here?

1 vote

Who Killed Bob?

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How can we reach or realize the truth when our senses fail us?

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How do I reply to a conspiracy theorist that claims that the evidence is also part of the lie?

0 votes

Is it possible to flip a coin an infinite number of times and never land on tails?

0 votes

Do our eyes show us truth?

-1 votes

What fallacy dismisses criticism of a bad law with "just don't break it"?