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Is the person in the mirror an example of a philosophical zombie?
13 votes

This illustrates how removed the concept of 'philosophical zombie' is from reality. The mirror image does not have a brain; it is a trick of light. It is no more a 'zombie' than a photo, a drawing, ...

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How does objectivism see altruism during an accident?
6 votes

First, Objectivist principles are intended to be rational guidelines for maximizing long-term happiness. Accidents and emergencies are, by definition, exceptional events, and behavioral principles ...

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Is Fatherhood among humans really natural?
4 votes

The idea that it exists to strengthen the patriarchy is silly; the concept of fatherhood directly benefits the female vastly more than the male. According to evolution, it likely came about as a ...

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How can someone have a free will if they act based on their experiences?
2 votes

"He seems to believe that a man has something more than just a brain, he thinks that there is something more in there and not just experiences" It's odd, isn't it, that otherwise rational men believe ...

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How would Robert Nozick and Ayn Rand respond to the following moral dilemma?
1 votes

In general, an Objectivist would say that a government should not use force to take property from its owner and give it to another. This really reduces down to the old philosophical gotcha 'is it ok ...

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