To make me answer a question

I like to answer questions on Spark, Hadoop, Big Data and Scala. I'm pretty good at Bash, git and Linux, so I can sometimes answer these questions too.

I've stopped checking my filters for new questions these days, so I'm probably not answering questions which I probably could. Therefore if you think I can help, especially with Spark and Scala, then rather than me give me email out, please comment on a similar question/answer of mine with a link.

Furthermore cross-linking similar questions can be nice for general SO browsing and good for SEO.

My favourite answers

Round parenthesis are much much better than curly braces http://stackoverflow.com/a/27686566/1586965

Underscore evangelism and in depth explanation http://stackoverflow.com/a/25763401/1586965

Generalized memoization http://stackoverflow.com/a/19065888/1586965

Monad explained in basically 2 LOCs http://stackoverflow.com/a/20707480/1586965

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