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  • My name is Andrew
  • BS in Computer Science, Minors in Software Engineering and Audio Engineering
  • Been working in the industry for over 10 years now; have done jobs in everything from web dev, to infrastructure, to middleware, to QA.


  • Current job is a mishmash of operating multitenanted Kubernetes the Hard Way™ clusters, writing/maintaining tools to make interfacing with said clusters easier, and general server management with stuff like Terraform, Packer, Ansible, and Puppet.
  • Most used language: Python
  • Other langs: bash, Ruby, Go, jq (if awk counts as a language, then so does jq!)
  • In past lives: Scala (I miss it so), Java, Javascript/Coffeescript, C/C++, Erlang, Prolog, Lisp, SQL/CQL, MIPS
  • Daily driving a Mac but I do most development on Debian Linux with vim in a tmux session. I haven't upgraded my Sublime Text license. I open an IDE maybe twice a year. vim is love, vim is life.
  • Have given a few tech talks of varying lengths, no public links though :(

Open Source Contributions

This is in order of how much code I contributed, the size of the project's userbase, and how impactful/lengthy the change was.

  • Kubernetes
  • moto
  • troposphere
  • Terraform
  • awscli
  • datadog-agent
  • kubectl-view-utilization
  • packagecloud's Java client
  • Packer
  • powerline
  • pam_hook
  • heckler
  • cascade
  • specs2
  • hubot-meme

Not-programming stuff

  • I can hold my own in GIMP, Audacity, OBS, and Adobe Premiere (which I loathe, but it's by far the best in class.)
  • I can do fancy stuff in Excel, but I refuse to on principle.
  • I have a makeshift recording studio in my apartment. What do you think the Audio Engineering minor was for?
  • I occasionally make minor contributions to competitive gaming and speedrunning knowledge bases (discovering/proving tech, doing research on input values, making guides, that sort of thing.)
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