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I have been indoctrinated with the worst kinds of ideologies (both), actually. And produced some strange form mixture of signlanguage & Deontic_logic(/language?) (1* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deontic_logic Sign language(chaos)? " " simple citation without any sources or proof... "" "" strange /-form of writing of the objetct/word/or phrase ? sign for question "does aforementioned even apply (/then)" (?/???) "What is that?" I am relatively famous for "arguments from ignorance", "fallacies" , "In-Ability to communicate in Proper English (Oxford/American, both in this case[case here user]" & adhere to the simply-enough stated rules. inability(<-i) to fully grasp* the dimension of the arbitrariness of his choice of subject
matter, in ignorance of everything, even basic human decency. rightfully shamed! 10times put on trial, 9 times found guilty. 1/10 stars (user would have given 0/10) - aforementioned Inability(i*) (potentially and or partially) not ( or ->|* /not 100%) inluding items: "Deontic_logic" (from ""whoknoweswhere"")

Sign <- used in doc

"" <- translation from german: description of something "/meaning (similar) in common but not
good enough Englisch" "" "" ~ "about/circa/somewhat/unclear/undetermined" ->| up to but not 100% (not zero/absolut0) not completely / "or" not e./o. & "and"
<- "here/as in case before brackets/as shown" [case-clarification-alternative] *as later hopefully (~potentially&~partially) understood by the user **all fallacies, known & recorded & even scientifically secured ones ***anything really

("l"*) Everything is just strange

has seen parts of the following commonly known and far spread read, but not by him, he only seen da cower at best, (or been forced to read) books.: "Manifest der kommunistischen Partei Dtl." sure "Mein Kampf" (definitly not like anything of it!!! but also only read 50%(?) of it) "Satanic(/Parts of evang-/luth.) -Bible (not a fan) Blawatksy, Helena: "golden Dawn"(not a fan) Nietzsche(sure somewhat of his) Freud/Breuer "Studies on/of Hystheria" Know of the Existenz/have heard the name of: Kant ""Was du nicht willst, dass man dir tu', das füg' auch keinem Ander'n zu!"" and the other Sentence, Wittgenstein, Feuerbach, Heidegger, Adorno, Arendt, Sarte, Camus, but forgot ~99% and Huxley "BraveNewWorld"&""Island(/similar)"", "1984" List(s) incomplete

Most of these Problems&my""Text"" were finally taken down, by me, after it had taken quite some time until I finally noticed, that the People where actually talking about me and of course it still took me additional time, until I grasped any! hints.

****Thx2:**** How to get the refutation of (OP ⊃ OQ) ∴ O(P ⊃ Q) in Deontic Logic

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