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111 votes

Why do atheist euthanasia proponents consider nothingness preferable to suffering?

98 votes

What is the moral difference between abortion and infanticide?

44 votes

How can one argue against income inequality while defending achievement and expertise inequality - beyond invoking Rawls' difference principle?

38 votes

Is there a name for the fallacy whereby the other party to the debate only suggests, does not articulate, what their point is?

37 votes

What is a ‘woman'?

34 votes

Do computers use logic?

33 votes

Why should an atheist care about what happens to the world after his/her death?

32 votes

If Socrates said he was ignorant but was in fact knowledgeable, was he simply a liar?

30 votes

Why can't numbers be 'used up'?

28 votes

I work from home as a software engineer and my job is happy with my performance. But I'm putting in little effort. Am I a bad person or employee?

24 votes

Who Bears the Burden of Proof Regarding Free Will: Advocates or Skeptics

23 votes

The Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of Mathematics in most sciences

22 votes

Does a counterargument exist to the claim "Too much diversity is a problem/cannot be controlled"?

19 votes

Why is "Colourless green ideas sleep furiously" considered meaningless?

18 votes

Is parapsychology a science?

16 votes

Is there any rigorous definition of just one single random choice?

14 votes

If we say ignorance is bliss, why do we seek knowledge?

13 votes

How does wealth corrupt someone?

12 votes

Can definitions in the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language be considered definitive in informal philosophical presentations?

11 votes

Why do people still believe in free will?

11 votes

What qualifies as the solving of a paradox?

11 votes

Is watching an amputated limb regrow proof of the supernatural?

11 votes

The term "ad hominem" used as "appeal to authority", and tradition in argument classification

10 votes

Why is it impossible for a program or AI to have semantic understanding?

10 votes

Did Logical Positivism fail because it simply denied human emotion?

10 votes

Why is there so little discussion / research on the philosophy of precision?

10 votes

What is the difference between western and other philosophies?

10 votes

Does Intelligent Design fulfill the necessary criteria to be recognized as a scientific theory?

10 votes

Why is it justified to break a "bad" law because it's bad?

9 votes

Why should we care about anyone?

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