Syed Priom

In the past Software Engineering involved interaction between the engineer and the machine. At present it involves engineers interacting with machines and also stakeholders. Software Engineering is a social activity now, not just an engineering discipline. Today for us, software engineers, good communication is as important as technical prowess.

My primary interests are Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing and Product Development. I love Agile Methodologies and specifically Scrum. My ideal tech stack would include AWS, REST APIs, Linux, Node.js, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Shell, Git, Docker, Singularity, JavaScript, Mocha JS, Chai, Gatling, JMeter etc.

I emphasize on improving my Agility, Leadership, Organisation, Perseverance and Communication skills.

Besides work I'm very much invested in Soccer, Philosophy, Classic Rock and Heavy Metal. Love to travel whenever I can. I have a super tricksy cat named Izzy!