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Java developer with experience in SpringMVC, Hibernate and mobile techs (Android, Phonegap / Apache Cordova, Xamarin).

I've worked with Spring building RESTful web apps. I worked with technologies that follows MVC patterns (SpringMVC), MVP(GWT) and MVVM (Angular.js).

The frontend apps that I code are manily Android apps or stateless html clients done with HTML + Javascript if the SEO isn't that important. I prefer coding stateless clients because It makes easier to add new features in the future also It makes easier to deploy the fronend as a cross-platform app using technologies like Apache Cordova / Phonegap

The Android apps that I coded are manily RESTful web apps clients. I've developed Android apps that used background services. I use the latest and more known Android librearies to perform the HTTP request, store data in the device and simplify the overall logic.

I started developing Android apps several years ago when Android was in the 2.2 version and I followed all the Android evolution until now with Marshmellow. I developed apps with differents base architectures. I developed apps that followed an MVP pattern, generally using libraries such as Dagger to perform the dependency injection and glue together all the app components. I also used Lightcycle (the reecently released SoundCloud library) in order to decouple the Fragments/Activities logic into differents classes. I worked in projects using RxJava. I follow every Material Design standar. I always use the latest Android SDK components, for example I no longer use ListViews, instead I use RecyclerViews, I use only Toolbars, I try to improve the UX by using only the latest components. I try to keep the app's code clean and readable. I use every tool at my disposal to keep my code readable so It can be easly understood by my coworkers, //regions, JavaDoc, really really descriptive names.

About project administrations tools I used Jira, Redmine and Trello. I always encouraged the simplification in this process, there's nothing more annoying that having ten communication channels in a team of four. I always belived that using Slack helps a lot to bust a team performance, since that it helps to bind toghether all the adminsitrations tools making the team communication much more fluent.

I've also experience with PHP doing webscrapping and frontend development using CodeIgniter. I've work with several devs in USA so I can communicate fluently and without problem with other devs or clients.

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