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Paul Prae
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To leave the most positive impact on existence, I design and develop emotionally and socially aware web solutions. These contextually conscious creations exploit current research in human computer interaction and machine learning. With my approach, society’s systems will become more interactive and reactive, ultimately enhancing the cognitive abilities of people.

Currently, I spend my workday designing, building, and optimizing social information systems for Fortune 500 companies. Often connecting several APIs, these orchestrations of applications acquire, store, process, and visualize massive amounts of data.

My studies have provided me the foundation required to create various artificially intelligent data analysis solutions that take advantage of crowdsourcing. Given the proper team, I could implement cloud-enabled software to: monitor the mood of users in reaction to certain product changes using natural language processing and sentiment analysis; and predict things such as future customer desires using neural networks and genetically-inspired classifier systems. My solutions augment great minds with machine intelligence to turn large sets of user interactions into actionable information for management and their teams.

My knowledge consumption and skill acquisition is horizontal, allowing me to communicate with diverse, multi-disciplinary groups on a variety of web-based, multimedia projects. Emerging from my many technocratic pursuits: I am an architect of scalable web technology stacks that encourage optimal computational performance and developer productivity; I am an engineer capable of constructing the most effective algorithms and data structures for the task at hand; and I am a designer who knows how to put the user experience at the forefront of all of my work. My life is dedicated to analyzing and creating collective-intelligence systems to solve social problems.

To learn more about me, follow these links:

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