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I am trying to create an object oriented programming language that obeys some logical rules. Essentially I have the obligation to motivate every decision in a convincing manner and motivating the need. Thoughts should be explained, primitive commands should be kept to a minimum being able to explain that the set of commands isn't redundant. Derivative usefull instructions should be defined ( at least theoretically ) using previous primitives. I am using C++ to create a first working prototype just in order to try and think. While I am working 15 years later ( and many problems are already solved ), there are things that aren't solved. Some of the ideas involved are: execution level, concurrent garbage collection, multimethods, programs as data, orthogonality, minimalism, possibility to extend the language to be able to be feeded by other languages. Instead of having a language being able to touch every small or big part of memory, the scope is to create a mental construction that is simple easy to learn along with all instructions. It will be a "baby" language but with great possibilities on the language expansion side.

In case anybody is interested to discuss some deep theoretical aspects of the ideas involved you are welcome to ask me more information. The main ideas are described in as these go. As I think more and more I have more and more questions on aspects of programming languages that I haven't heared no where.

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Jul 25, 2022