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Oct 7 '21 at 15:38 comment added Mozibur Ullah @J Kusin: I wasn't replying to that user. I was replying to your assertion. Besides, as you see in the comment below the question, I think that your question was more mathematical than philosophical and belongs to Math.SE.
Oct 7 '21 at 15:31 comment added J Kusin @MoziburUllah Do you disagree with user253751 's answer then?
Oct 7 '21 at 15:27 comment added Mozibur Ullah @J Kusin: They don't. The universe is given to us empirically.
Oct 7 '21 at 15:23 comment added J Kusin Does this mean mathematics/formal systems suggest the universe is infinite? Seems an odd direction to reason from about reality, but if that's the actual consensus I'll go with it.
Oct 7 '21 at 15:14 history answered user253751 CC BY-SA 4.0