Some mathematical books I like (in alphabetical order by author).

Alon, N., The Probabilistic Method, John Wiley & Sons, 3rd Edition, 2008

Barbeau, E. J., Polynomials, Springer, 2003

Benjamin, A. T., Proofs that really Count, MAA, 2003

Biggs, N., Algebraic Graph Theory, Cambridge University Press, 2nd Edition, 1996

Bondy, J. A., Graph Theory, Springer, 2008

Capobianco, M., Examples and Counterexamples in Graph Theory, Elsevier North-Holland, 1978

Chung, F., Erdos on Graphs, A K Peters, 1998

Conway, D., On Quaternions and Octonions, A K Peters, 2003

Conway, H. J., The Symmetries of Things, A K Peters, 2008

Courant, R., What is Mathematics?, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition, 1996

Courant, R., Introduction to Calculus and Analysis I, Springer, 1989

Diestel, R., Graph Theory, Springer, 4th Edition, 2012

Eves, H. W., Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics, Dover Publications Inc., 3rd Edition, 1990

Godsil, C., Algebraic Graph Theory, Springer, 2001

Graham, R. L., Concrete Mathematics, Addison-Wesley, 3nd Edition, 1994

Graham, R. L., Handbook of Combinatorics, MIT Press, 1995

Gross, J. L., Handbook of Graph Theory, CRC, 2004

Hartsfield, N., Pearls in Graph Theory, Dover, 2003

Jensen, T. R., Graph Coloring Problems, John Wiley \& Sons, 1995

Lovasz, L., Matching Theory, AMS, 2009

Lovasz, L., Combinatorial Problems and Exercises, AMS, 4nd Edition, 2007

Polya, G., How to Solve It, Princeton University Press, 2nd Edition, 1985

Polya, G., Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning, Princeton University Press, 1990

Tutte, W. T., Graph Theory as I Have Known It, Oxford University Press, 1998

Velleman, D. J., How to Prove It, Cambridge University Press, 2nd Edition, 2006

Wilf, H. S., Generatingfunctionology, A K Peters, 3rd Edition, 2006

Some other books I like (again in alphabetical order by author).

Bennett, J., A Philosophical Guide to Conditionals, Oxford University Press, 2003

Dummett, M., Elements of Intuitionism, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition, 2005

Nagel, E., Godel's Proof, New York University Press, 2001

Priest, G., Logic, Oxford University Press, 2000

Priest, G., Towards Non-Being, Oxford University Press, 2005

Priest, G., Beyond the Limits of Thought, Oxford University Press, 2006

Priest, G., In Contradiction, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition, 2006

Priest, G., The Law of Non-Contradiction, Oxford University Press, 2006

Priest, G., An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic, Cambridge University Press, 2nd Edition, 2008

Priest, G., Doubt Truth to be a Liar, Oxford University Press, 2008

Shapiro, S., The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic, Oxford University Press, 2007

Walton, D., Informal Logic, Cambridge University Press, 2nd Edition, 2008

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