Where can I find a table of correspondences such that if one work cites Aristotle's metaphysics by book and chapter, I can find the passage in an edition with Bekker numbers but no chapter divisions?

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    Usually editions have the 19a13 numbering. Sep 23 at 16:10

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The general format to cite Aristotle's works using Bekker numbers is as follow (there may be some minor stylistic variations):

[title,][book number.][chapter number,][page number][column letter][line number]

Here, the definitive pointer is the Bekker number (except Constitution of the Athenians and the fragments):

[page number][column letter][line number]

since each work of Aristotle has a distinct starting Bekker number (see the table). Thus, one should reckon that a citation to Topics falls between the Bekker numbers 100a and 164b (164b falls partly into On Sophistical Refutations) and vice versa. Notice that the column letter is either a or b.

Hence, one does not actually need a chapter number to find out the corresponding line in the Bekker edition. The publishment itself ought to provide enough information for the Bekker number (with a correspondence table, etc.). For example, the Loeb edition of Nicomachean Ethics indicates the correspondence on the right of the original text.

enter image description here.

If no information is supplied, one has to find out the correspondence by checking out other sources. I recommend The Complete Works: The Revised Oxford Translation, edited by Jonathan Barnes, volume 1 and volume 2.

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