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Why is an open society so totalitarian? [closed]

We live in an open society (in the West). The term is extensively used by George Soros. In the 20th century, the concept was popularized by Karl Popper, and originally coined by Henri Bergson. I ...
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Is there a modern country (21st century) that would be considered totalitarian under Arendt's account? If not, does that make her theory flawed? [closed]

I was wondering if there is any modern-day country that can be considered totalitarian according to Hannah Arendt (where the totalitarian regime is defined by its endless motion, total domination over ...
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Quote check: Hannah Arendt on ideology and capability to reason

I am searching the source and exact words for a quote from Hannah Arendt that I only vaguely remember: Das Ziel totalitärer Systeme ist es nicht, die Menschen von der eigenen Ideology zu überzeugen. ...
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Why does Arendt say that the 'absence of continuity' is an outstanding characteristic of the totalitarian mind?

Hannah Arendt writes in her book The Origins of Totalitarianism: Stalin's successors attempted to do without concessions to the name of their predecessor, even though Stalin had thirty years' ...
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Was Bertrand Russell correct in characterising the United States as 'a Nazi State'? [closed]

In his book, War Crimes in Vietnam, published in 1967 Russell several times calls the United States a Nazi State: The United States government is conducting a war of annihilation in the Vietnam. ...
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