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What is the fallacy called where "Nothing a liar said can be true?"

What is the fallacy called where "Nothing a liar said can be true" (i.e., "false in most things, false in everything")? For example, consider that 99% of something someone said is ...
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17 votes
9 answers

Could ChatGPT etcetera undermine community by making statements less significant for us?

I was just reading a response to an Answer on this site, where the author of the Question said that the Answer sounded like a paste from ChatGPT. I re-read the Answer and couldn't really tell if that ...
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5 votes
10 answers

What's The Reasoning Or Logic Behind The Value Of A Promise / Agreement?

If I make a promise verbally or sign an agreement then someone is trusting on my word, that I will do what I said I will do. If the same me later say I will not do that or through action break the ...
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