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Has Scientism drastically declined as a worldview in the last 100 years?

I have recently had fellow posters here question my understating that scientism is on the decline. I also have recently seen several members here assert themselves to be advocates of scientism, so I ...
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Physicalism + book recommendations

I'm 17 years old and I'm starting out in philosophy on my own. To get started I would like to get to know myself more and the way I think since according to what I have researched, I could define ...
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Can people who deny naturalism consistently believe in science? [closed]

Naturalism is connected very much to Inductive reasoning. In science, if we see something happening again and again we generalize it into a law and we believe it as true. It will be only considered as ...
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How do some traditions defend realities outside of scientific space and time?

Some metaphysical systems assert that "the ultimate reality" is outside of space and time. For example Schopenhauer, many forms of theism, more recently Kastrup and his Analytical Idealism. ...
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What are strong and contemporary arguments for rejecting scientism?

Introduction I read this article by Hietanen, J., Turunen, P., Hirvonen, I., Karisto, J., Pättiniemi, I. and Saarinen, H. (2020), How Not to Criticise Scientism. From the article, there are various ...
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Positivism and Scientism

Positivists have been criticized for their scientism when in fact it seems that antipositivists are the ones that support scientism. Positivists try to exclude things from the label science, knowledge,...
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23 votes
8 answers

Is scientism a self defeating epistemology?

Some who have argued against the validity of scientism have argued that the view that only science can uncover truth is not a scientific discovery but rather a epistemology. Hence it has been claimed ...
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