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Does instrumental corruption constitute extra-will multi-agency?

Through my previous question on ideology and instinct, a more fundamental query was encountered. In both individual and collective minds, semantic decay can result in mental threads out of alignment ...
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What does "tarnish by association" mean in the context of autonomy?

In the last sentence of the first paragraph of section 3a about Feminist Criticisms of Autonomy in the article Autonomy | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, there is a phrase "tarnished by ...
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What would Kant say about treating people who lack strength of will?

For example, a smoker who wants to quit but can't resist the temptation of a smoke is an autonomous person but lacks strength of will (or character, or habitual rational moral acting). What would he ...
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Why should we treat others as *always* rational when they are not?

In Kantian system, murdering is nonrational because it cannot become a universal law. Yet Kant insists that it's immoral to lie to murderers. This is the same with saying they are rational being, ...
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