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What explains the observation that grocery store check-out lines are oscillatory? [closed]

I have been spending some time sitting in a shopping center, and I have noticed a weird pattern. There is always one cash register open. When one person arrives at the cash register, many others ...
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How to not fear the supernatural? [closed]

I have post-traumatic stress disorder. Like many so afflicted, I interpreted the trauma as a form of punishment. I’m not religious, but my mind spontaneously invented an idiosyncratic deity in the ...
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Anthropomorphism and AI

The human brain and computer based AI are vastly different systems. Although both may perform similar functions, the mechanisms are different: one is purely electrical and assembled, the other is ...
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Why are Dan Dennett and his heterophenomenonology largely ignored by the Wikipedia and Stanford articles on phenomenology? says: "According to classical Husserlian phenomenology, our experience is directed toward—represents or “intends”—things only through particular ...
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Giving up or Moving on. What's the Difference?

I was struggling to decide whether to put this here or under Psychology, but here we are. Usually when people face circumstances that are hard enough to be handled at a given moment of time. From ...
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Is Group Suffering Worse than Individual Suffering?

There are two jails. Both employ torture of prisoners as a means to gain confessions. Jail A has one prisoner. One guard tortures him. Jail B has 1000 prisoners, all of whom are also tortured, each ...
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Meaning of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s Philosophy

What is the cultural and ideological branch that the classic Soviet book “Roadside Picnic”, of which the movie “Stalker” and game series, comes from? It does not seem to be Russian Cosmism, and ...
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Can behaviourism account for qualia?

If behaviourism is focused upon observable behavioural dispositions can it at all account for qualia; the way things feel, tase etc.
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Is functionalism a significant improvement on behaviourism with respect to behaviour?

Functionalism appears to be free of many of the issues that behaviourism faces, however is it all positive? Is there any objection at all to Functionalism being such an improvement in respect to ...
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Logical behaviorism vs Functionalism

I'm a little unclear on where exactly the distinction is made between logical behaviorism and functionalism. The ability to experience pain, for instance, would seem to increase my chances of survival ...
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