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Does absolute eternality entail timelessness?

Assuming one is committed to the idea that an actual infinite amount of time can never pass, does eternality entail timelessness?
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Is modern mathematics scholasticism?

I have thought a lot a about mathematics and it's foundations. There have been several attempts to give it a solid foundation, and they all failed. Frege / Russell logical atomist approach failed, ...
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Within scholastics, how does animals' perception work, when compared to humans' apprehension of universals?

In the study of scholastic philosophy, I'm struggling with this question for a while: It seems like dogs do know what dogs are. Aquinas states that animals have perception, capable of complex ...
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On the ontology of ideas

There's a useful summary of the subject of universals in the public domain In it, we read: Realist and conceptualist theories of universals are, by long tradition, regarded as ...
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